Frequently Asked Questions

Can the go-Kera™ PRO Smoothing Treatment be used on any hair type?

go-Kera can be used on all hair types and colours. For coloured blondes, we recommend setting your flat-iron to a lower temperature during application to prevent colour lifting. On bleached ashy/platinum blonde colour leave the product on hair for 20 minutes as the product also works as a toner . For warmer blonde tones (yellow) leave up to 30 minutes.

Will the go-Kera™ PRO make the hair straight?

While go-Kera PRO is not a permanent straightening treatment its smoothing effects do make the hair straighter.

How long does it take to use the go-Kera™ PRO Smoothing Treatment?

Application takes approximately 2-3 hours depending on hair length.

How much does go-Kera™ PRO costs?

Please go to our shop page to check our amazing offers. 

Should I colour the hair before or after the go-Kera™ Smoothing Treatment?

We recommend waiting 4-7 days after treatment to colour the hair. If you colour before, it may lift. We do not recommend using bleach after the treatment as it can get stripped off.

Can I wash my hair straight after the smoothing treatment?

Yes. Unlike other treatments that require you to wait days before washing, go-Kera allows you to wash your hair the same day.

Is the go-Kera™ PRO Smoothing Treatment safe?

Yes, go-Kera Smoothing Treatment is free of formaldehyde or any other harsh chemical and the treatment creates no smoke or fumes during application.

How long do the results of the go-Kera™ Smoothing Treatment last?

Result can last from 3 – 5 months depending on hair type and maintenance. For long-lasting results, go-Kera aftercare products are essential.

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